SideWalk Volunteer Opportunities


SideWalk advocates assist clients to apply for disability benefits, medical services, drug treatment, job training programs, mental health services, and subsidized housing.

When necessary, advocates go a step further by actually accompanying clients to appointments with DSHS, mental health services, doctors, and prospective landlords. By going the extra mile, the advocates provide a vital link to services for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Time Commitment

Minimum commitment of one 4 hour shift per week (10am-2pm weekdays) with additional field work that averages 2 hours per week on a flexible schedule. Volunteers are expected to attend a 50-hour orientation training, and at least one case conference training per quarter.


SideWalk employs a cutting-edge volunteer training system that draws upon the best practices in the nation. Our 50-hour orientation training covers sensitivity, response to crises, interviewing, coaching, public assistance programs, mental health and chemical dependency resources, and SideWalk’s advanced system of protocols for screening and referral.


Each volunteer is part of a three person advocacy team that carries a shared case load of up to 6 clients. Teams offer a powerful peer support system – helping you offer the best possible outcome for your clients.

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Greeters at SideWalk distribute vital information on services and offer shelter screening and placement. When a client walks in the door, a greeter welcomes them, offers them a cup of coffee, and offers initial assistance and information on services. Clients seeking shelter meet with a greeter to go over shelter options, and the greeter may screen and place them with one of SideWalk’s partnering shelter providers (Bread & Roses, the Emergency Overflow Shelter, and St Michael’s Men’s Shelter).

Time Commitment

Minimum commitment of one 4 hour shift per month (10am-2pm weekdays); two shifts per month is preferable.


Greeters attend 12 hours of training (two evenings and one Saturday) over a week’s time. Training includes sensitivity, reflective listening, and an overview of the service system.

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